Aged Care

The NEW Generation Age Care Personal Emergency Device

with automatic Person-Down/Fall Alarm, GPS Location & Live Audio

GPS Geo Guard has many exclusive features and benefits, including Person Down/Fall Alarm, GPS Location and its own built-in microphone and speaker, which means the elderly can comfortably communicate hands free.

The most common cause for alarm in the age care industry is for slips, trips and falls. No buttons have to be pressed, creating an automatic alarm, giving a GPS Location and at the same time opening up a live voice/audio call so the GPS Geo Guard 24 hours Monitoring Room can talk and calm the client while dispatching emergency services and contacting their family/friends.

Download the Government Commcare remote-or-isolated-work-guide


GPS Geo Guard Medical Alert Emergency Duress Alarm is changing the Aged Care industry. GPS Geo Guard gives peace of mind to age care medical duress clients or anyone with disabilities that needs monitoring, giving freedom of movement back to our clients.

You can feel good and safe to know that GPS Geo Guard is with you 24 hours a day, wherever you are. Using a GPS Geo Guard Age Care Emergency Device, you will know that GPS Geo Guard Professional Careers are monitoring you whilst you’re at home or out visiting friends and family, or even when you are just going for a walk and shopping. GPS Geo Guard does not need to be in the home to work and communicate. Our device gives our clients the freedom they deserve so they can go on living and enjoying their golden years and not have to be confined to their home.

Reduce your fear of not being able to get help if you slip, trip or fall with GPS Geo Guard Personal Emergency Duress Device for Aged Care, specialist medical conditions and high risk individuals. Now you can get out of the house and live your life…..

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