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If you are in immediate danger, call 000  for Police and Ambulance help if you are in immediate danger.
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• 100% Covert Operations and activations of your Geo Guard Personal Emergency Device or (P.E.D.)
• Quickest connection to 24Hr Emergency Monitoring
• Fastest Response from First Responders

Why everyone is choosing GPS Geo Guard Avita Link DV Pro Device

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Avita means Life in Latin Avita Link is your life link and is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all our most vulnerable people, being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed either physically or emotionally or by accident – incident or threat our most valuable asset, our people. Children, senior citizens, Domestic Violence and Lone, isolated and high-risk workers or individuals. We are dedicated in our cause to protect children and young people from harm. Our R&D Team are constantly developing and working with new and innovative technology to Engage and empower Young children with our core mission to Protect each child from harm one family at a time at the safe time of giving a total holistic health monitoring system for seniors giving back the quality of life.


Although we have over 15 year’s experience in supplying P.E.D’s Personal Emergency Devices and Emergency duress alarms or safety alarms to Domestic Violence organisations Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Indonesia and Malaysia for Women at risk Children and also men at risk and also the Precious workforce in this sector.


We have designed The Geo Guard Personal Emergency Device, our software and emergency SOS or Red Alert algorithms specifically with Domestic Violence and Family Violence high risk volatile potential life or death incidents in mind.


And what we know that is important for you.
• 100% Covert Operations and activations of your Geo Guard Personal Emergency Device or (P.E.D.)
• Quickest connection to 24Hr Emergency Monitoring
• Fastest Response from First responders


Device a side Our Specialised Domestic Violence and Family Violence 24Hr Emergency monitoring and first responder dispatch centre along with our Friendly experience highly trained operators in dealing with Confidentiality and the fastest emergency escalation Our Operators know what to listen for in a potential Homicide, 5 Key factors of aggression, aggression in tone of voice, manipulating words, and even what to do when there is silence, and no audio. We can also train individuals on incorporating safe words or danger words to help with critical communications and triage and better escalation of an incident.

Speed of Connection is Critical

From the second your life saving Geo Guard Personal Emergency Device, duress alarm is activated our device will connect to the monitoring room in 4 seconds and operators are listening to the live audio and audio is recorded in under 10-15 seconds faster than any other devices or monitoring services. We are continually tweaking our services with some very important things in mind for you! Simple – Easy to Use – Robust and Very Quick The quickest connection to Emergency monitoring room with live and recorded audio for admissible evidence The most advanced Microphone and speaker for Clearest audio. The Geo Guard Avita Link Specialised Device fill the gap in regard to Quality (P.E.D’s) Personal Emergency Devices to obtain the best safety measures for domestic Violence clients, and also their staff working in this very volatile sector, to get the quickest response and the best outcome in any incident. We are a socially responsible company, and a portion of our profits always go back to this sector.  The Geo Guard Team are personally touched the little bit we have been able to contribute over the years to Family and domestic violence, we now have 1000’s Women/Children and others at risk wearing our life saving devices and the Geo Guard team know that we have been instrumental in saving many lives and the incarceration of perpetrators and reoffenders. The Directors and executive team have been working with Police & Family and Domestic Violence for over 15 Years. The GPS Geo Guard is widely recognised in this sector along with our Exclusive Family and domestic violence Emergency Monitoring and first responder Dispatch services where our monitoring operators have undergone Specialist training to give you the best outcome.

GPS Geo Guard believe every Women, Child, or Person at risk of domestic and family violence deserves the right to live in a safe family environment, within a safe community with peace of mind to be able to have the quality of life we all deserve.


100% Water Proof (can be worn in the shower)


The GPS Geo Guard incorporated and integrated with Family and Domestic Violence Services, is and will save lives now and well into the future with many contributing factors and roll-on cost savings benefits for all stake holders for the best return on investment and safety initiative.


The GPS Geo Guard along with our total safety audits and upgrades for women and children at risk in conjunction with Family and Domestic Violence Services does not only have great effectiveness for women at risk but has many secondary benefits for other stakeholders including police, health, Government and community.


The Community Need is evident through the statistical data, for not only Family and Domestic Violence related deaths but the massive influx of incidents Family and Domestic Violence Services handle every day.


The GPS Geo Guard in conjunction with Family Violence Services is reducing the overall community and Government costs with many considering factors including:


• Employers
• Community/Society
• Victim/Survivor
• Perpetrator
• Pain, suffering and premature mortality
• Mental Health
• Consumption-related costs
• Production-related costs
• Transfer cost
• Administrative and other costs
• Health and medical costs
• Hospitalization costs
• Court costs
• Police resources
• Stretched Family Violence Organisations
• Perpetrator legal and imprisonment costs


Also ongoing administrative with all Government and organisations involved in this sector. Consumption-related costs are assumed to be borne entirely by the victim/survivor and family and friends.