Secure Your Peace of Mind by Purchasing the Best Panic Button for Your Elderly

Secure Your Peace of Mind by Purchasing the Best Panic Button for Your Elderly

Best Panic Button for Elderly

Living alone can be both beneficial and detrimental. You have complete privacy and space, but it may be tough to get aid if something terrible happens. Living alone can be dangerous for the elderly due to the increased risk of falls and injury. People with impairments or chronic medical issues are also in danger. So, how can the elderly maintain their safety while living alone? Although accidents are unavoidable, you can protect yourself by taking precautions and trying your best to avoid injury. Personal alarms are one of the numerous ways we can keep the elderly secure while they live alone. Personal alarms are handy in any level of medical emergency. Some may feel the fact of using one frightening and a little daunting, but they can be a lifeline when needed and let’s face it we can never plan for the unexpected can we.


You Geo Guard Personal Medical Alarm sometimes referred to as a Fall Alarm, Duress alarm, Panic button or panic alarm, personal alarm system, personal emergency response system (PERS) emergency call system, personal alert, personal security alert, and a personal medical alarm are the most user friendly solution on the marketing.


No.1 misconception


It will never happen to me or my family.  We speak to many families that have had their whole world turned upside down after their deadly fatal incident and all have said if they had a crystal ball and knew they were going to have their situation they could not put a value on having a solution in place to give them instant notification and communications to help them.


No. 2. We thought we were healthy protected and prepared

No. 3 There is plenty of time to get help respond.

Here is the thing – You have less than a minute in most medical Emergency or accident incidents. Loss of life is fast.


The 24 Hour Care operators always answer the phone so polite and caring, they always have my best interest at heart, as if they are only there for me and ask  “How can I help you? Then have a nice friendly conversation and talk to me like my best friend and calm me and give me a feeling of respect and independence.

So, if you plan to buy a personal safety alarm for your loved ones, get it from GPS Geo Guard. It is a leading and trusted personalized, integrated solution provider that offers the highest level of protection with its safety alarm systems. They provide the best panic button for the elderly, and below mentioned are a few benefits of purchasing one for your loved ones:


  1. Enhanced independence

It’s always wonderful to be self-sufficient. Carrying a personal safety alarm with you might make you feel safer and more comfortable even when you’re alone. There is always the chance of someone lurking nearby, no matter your age or gender and no matter where you go, but putting an alarm around your neck at all times will soothe your mind and make you feel more confident being alone. Many elderly folks have limited mobility and sensitivities. This can put them in danger if an intruder breaks into their home. Having an attack alarm is thus immensely advantageous to senior people who want to maintain as much independence as possible while reducing their concerns or anxiety while living alone.


  1. A low-cost item or piece of equipment

Customers are pleased with the economic and appropriate price range. And it is provided at the most appealing and profitable price range. There is also Funding available via NDIS and Geat2GO Federal Government funding. Undoubtedly it is an excellent security but medical emergency device for the elderly. In your absence, you can effortlessly care for your elderly relatives. It allows you to sit back and relax, knowing you will receive an alert or update in an emergency in seconds and let the professional care team at the Geo Guard 24HR Alarm monitoring centre take care of the rest.


  1. Comfort and peace of mind

The personal alarm your Geo Guard or OmniCare Alert is easy to wear and use. Because it does not have to be used as a mobile phone to function, it enables the elderly to touch the button and communicate with the with the 24hr Emergency Care team any time no matter what level of emergency or even a concern about a prowler. Everyone desires the independence, dignity and peace of mind and calm in their lives, free of tension but knowing they can get help anywhere inside the home or even out and about anytime in fact where ever there is 4G Coverage. You can have a holiday anywhere in the world with ideal and secure preparations for your loved ones.


  1. In an emergency, immediate assistance is required

The most challenging stage of life is old age. Due to joint discomfort, you will notice that old age causes muscle weakening or makes it difficult to maintain good balance while walking. There is a high risk of falling or slipping at home.  Most deaths in home stem from falls. The GPS Geo Guard automatic elderly fall alarm or personal duress fall alarm is beneficial for summoning quick assistance without any buttons having to be pressed. The alarm allows your loved ones to get the quickest calls to ambulance promptly through the GPS GEO Guard 24HR Medical Emergency centre. GPS Geo Guard Government certified Emergency alarm monitoring room has the fastest links to 000 avoiding any time delasy.  In the presence of the operator, it brings relief and tranquility. So, stop thinking and contact them today.


MONITORED Vs Unmonitored Personal Medical SOS Duress & Fall Alarms

  • 24/7 Emergency Monitoring – Send an alert and get assistance at any time of the day or night, wherever you are inside or outside the home
  • You OmniCare Alert calls the Omnicare Govt. Certified Emergency Customer Care Centre and our Friendly Professional Care team will assist you no matter what level of Medical Emergency – avoids you having to get to a phone to call 000 and deal with time delays
  • Fastest links to Ambulance from our Govt. Certified Emergency Customer Care Centre
  • Gives you independence, peace of mind and Dignity
  • Fully Managed Alarm incident escalation with First Responders and Alerting Family members in seconds



  • Relies on a family member receiving a text message than having to call back the device
  • Family member then needs to deal with their loved ones traumatic medical incident at the same time as calling 000 then having to deal with 000 evident time delays
  • Many texts to family members go unanswered do to someone being on the phone/engaged or text in the middle of the night or even a flat battery.
  • Needs to be manually programmed with your family members emergency contacts for text message
  • More prone to user error