Lone and High-Risk Worker Safety Protection for Disability Care Workers and Individuals with Disabilities

Management of Workplace Aggression and Violence – ZERO tolerance

Occupational violence or physical environmental risk, slip/trip/fall, or medical incident is not just limited to hospitals and community disability care health hubs, but also including of all disability care working environments where nurses engage, for example: rural and remote community when offering services and care to a multitude of different disabilities, including;

• vision Impairment.
• deaf or hard of hearing.
• mental health conditions.
• intellectual disability.
• acquired brain injury.
• autism spectrum disorder.
• physical disability.
• Random Out bursts of Aggression from underlying conditions

Disability careers and the social community care sector have seen an increase of workplace violence, abuse and aggressive behaviour towards our front-line care workers. This has spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially at the start.

The team at GPS Geo Guard have worked with all areas of disability care and community care organisations to deploy a tailor made GPS Geo Guard solution to help mitigate risk, not only for the workforce of disability organisations but also for the disability clients and participants within care management plans via the NDIS.

Contact us today to find out how we can design a solution to offer you the best outcome in any risk profile for you as a individual with a disability or any size workforce in the disability sector.

Main risks in the Disability Care

Disability care workers face two main risk profiles:

Personal Alarms Australia

Social Risk

Being that of work place violence and aggressive behavior; physical or verbal assault

Personal Medical Alarms

Physical Risk

Slip/trip/fall/person down or incapacity, unconsciousness, accident or incident, or even a medical situation


All disability care workers should be treated with dignity and respect.

We may know the risk profile of our client, but not who is going to be there at the same time as your time of visit or what may occur at the job environment.

Implementing the GPS Geo Guard Personal Safety Solution can deliver safety benefits to the front-line disability care workers, but also help department managers and the wider organisation deliver genuine value to the employer in terms of safety, quicker emergency response, operational and increasing staff moral knowing they have something just in case.

House Care

Attending a private house (Disability care in the home)

Home Hospital

Disability Home and Community care

workforce management software

Random Aggressiveness – Intermittent explosive disorder (IED)


Supported Independent Living

Mental Health

Mental and Psychology Care

Our quality and integrity

Lifting and Showering Disability Care

Personal Duress Alarm

Mobile community-based work force

Care and Services

Respite care quality of life for the patient

Multiple Location

Working in multiple locations

Best Personal Emergency Alarm

Emergency after hours work

Best Safety Duress App

Lone wolf attacks of retaliation when wearing disability care identification

Benefits of using Gps Geo Guard Solution in all Disability Care Workers and individuals with disabilities

Helping customers to:

Give 100% peace of mind to mobile workforce staff and lone or high-risk workers with 24/7 instant Emergency Alarm Monitoring and support, with the GPS Geo Guard discreet personal safety devices

Document verbal abuse with live and recorded audio to stop the “he said, she said” situation and verbal assault; best practice for internal discipline or escalation to Police

Deliver protection against person down, slips/trips/falls, incapacitation, or medical emergency incident

Get instant continuous up to date location information to assist better coordination across mobile teams and reallocation of workforce

Deliver up to date live reporting to key stakeholders on GPS Geo Guard Device and solution usage, for 100% user uptake and better business or organisation’s continuity

Greater visibility and enhanced safety protocols and procedures around the use of the GPS Geo Guard of any mobile workforce

Creating a positive Safety Culture and encouraging your workforce to report incidents, and document them effectively enhancing faster responses and better outcomes.


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