Talk to one of experienced Domestic Violence Team 100% confidentially to find our exclusive Domestic Violence Pricing Program

If you are in immediate danger, call 000 for Police and Ambulance help or The Domestic Violence Crisis Line 1800RESPECT (737 732) Help is available 24 hours Speak with someone today

monitoring room on alarm activation

Immediate connection to monitoring room as alarms activate (average 4 seconds).

Domestic Violence GPS Alarms

Direct access to live monitoring, open audio, GPS location with immediate response average 30 seconds.

Domestic Violence Alarms

Quickest links to First Responders with approved accreditation and recognition with Police

100% waterproof

100% waterproof; can be worn in the shower

GPS positioning and internal location

More accurate GPS positioning and internal location

Client Support Team

Now you are only one quick touch away from instant help

When seconds count in ANY critical incident, you can only count on GPS Geo Guard!


We suggest one-way audio for all of our domestic violence clients and/or anyone facing a high risk of individual Social Risk (such as workplace violence for aggressive behavior) to have 100% covert operations and encourage the use of safe and danger words to help with more accurate communications, quicker triage and escalation in the time of a critical incident.


Our Operators are highly trained and have undergone external domestic violence training by leading organisations. They know what to listen in for a potential Homicide, aggression in tone of voice, manipulating, patronizing and condescending words, and even what to do when there is silence; when there is no audio or surrounding noise. They also have been trained how to respond in an OHS incident, accident, or medical situation.

Why Everyone Is Choosing GPS GEO Guard

The Team at GPS Geo Guard work with many family and domestic violence organisations Australia wide and also individual women, children, and men at risk.


We are not family or domestic violence professionals, so if you are enduring domestic violence, please call your local Family and Domestic Violence Service or Relationships Australia Domestic Violence Crisis line.



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Family and domestic violence can include, but isn't limited to:

Domestic Violence GPS Alarms
Physical violence

Any violent behaviour or threats of violence. It can be directed at you, or your children, pets or property.
It might be: punching, hitting, kicking, pushing, choking.

Sexual assault

Sexual behaviour you don’t want, such as being forced into sexual activity against your will.

verbal abuse
Verbal or emotional abuse

Behaviour that makes you feel worthless and put down. This can include yelling, insulting, name-calling and swearing.

Controlling behaviour

Controlling behaviour makes you do or believe things you wouldn’t normally. You may be stopped from seeing people or leaving the house. You may be stopped from spiritual or cultural participation that’s important to you.

face recognition

Behaviour that makes you feel harassed or intimidated. This could be:
• repeated phone calls or messages
• unwanted or obsessive attention
• someone following or monitoring you.

Technology facilitated abuse

When someone monitors what you do online. This may include:
• checking your computer and phone use
• using spyware on your phone to track you
• publishing intimate photos of you without your consent.

Financial abuse

Behaviour limiting your access to money. Warning signs might be:
• not being able to have money of your own
• not being able to work
• having to account for how you spend your money.

Abuse of older people

Deliberate or unintentional harmful behaviour in a relationship of trust with an older person. It’s any violence or mistreatment that causes harm or distress to an older person. It could be:
• emotional
• psychological
• financial
• physical
• social
• sexual
• neglect.

Family and domestic violence can affect anyone in all types of relationships. It can occur in:

• past or current intimate relationships. This includes dating or living together, regardless of gender or sexuality
• relationships involving carers of people with a disability or a medical condition
• relationships with relatives and guardians
• culturally recognised family groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

GPS Geo Guard operates in three simple steps:

Immediate Alarm Reception: Our 24/7 Emergency Care staff promptly receives your alarm signal.

Alert Callback: We call back through your Geo Guard Alert device to establish contact.

Comprehensive Support: Our team provides reassurance, coordinates emergency services dispatch, and communicates with your emergency contacts or family, ensuring your comfort until help arrives.

Yes, we provide complimentary quotes after discussing your safety requirements via phone, email, video, or in person. We assess workforce safety gaps, potential business impacts of incidents, and suitable solutions.
Our founder and CEO, Mr. Gavin Hoult, pioneered personal duress alarms in Australia over 15 years ago. He has been supplying duress alarms, including Dead Man switches, Under Counter, and Single Button Press alarms, connected to alarm systems for over 33 years. GPS Geo Guard, operating under its current company name since 2015, serves thousands of business clients across various industries and numerous individual clients.

Your data’s security and privacy are paramount to us. We employ the highest security measures, including:
End-to-End Military-Grade Encryption: Our exclusive data encryption standards match those used by major banks, federal and state government law enforcement, and the military. We’re the sole provider with this level of encryption.

IRAP Compliance: Dekko Gov has successfully completed an IRAP assessment at the PROTECTED level, aligning with the Information Security Manual released in December 2021.


Claims Testing: Independent testing by Enex TestLab verifies the security claims we make about the Dekko platform. The full claims testing report is available upon request.

Hosting Compliance: Our infrastructure, hosted on Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud in Sydney, meets IRAP-PROTECTED standards with triple data centre redundancy for reliability.

Your data’s confidentiality is our priority, and we take every measure to safeguard it.

You have the flexibility to make these changes easily through our Support. We’ll provide you with this link, and it’s straightforward to use. Just click the link, fill in the necessary details, and submit. Your changes will be implemented on the same day. For urgent changes, you can contact our support team at 0730495421 after submitting the updates.

Yes, certainly. Please get in touch with us for details on quantity-based discounts.


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