Family/Domestic Violence

The GPS Geo Guard incorporated and integrated with Family and Domestic Violence Services, is and will save lives now and well into the future with many contributing factors and roll on cost savings benefits for all stake holders for the best return on investment and safety initiative.

The GPS Geo Guard along with our total safety audits and upgrades for women and children at risk in conjunction with Family and Domestic Violence Services does not only have great effectiveness for women at risk but has many secondary benefits for other stakeholders including police, health, Government and community.

The Community Need is evident through the statistical data, for not only Family and Domestic Violence related deaths but the massive influx of incidents Family and Domestic Violence Services handle every day.

The GPS Geo Guard in conjunction with Family Violence Services is reducing the overall community and Government costs with many considering factors including:

  • Employers
  • Community/Society
  • Victim/Survivor
  • Perpetrator
  • Pain, suffering and premature mortality
  • Mental Health
  • Consumption-related costs
  • Production-related costs
  • Transfer costs
  • Administrative and other costs
  • Health and medical costs
  • Hospitalisation costs
  • Court costs
  • Police resources
  • Stretched Family Violence Organisations
  • Perpetrator legal and imprisonment costs

Avita Link Specialist Risk Assesment And 100 Point Total Safety Audits

GPS Geo Guard is achieving is improved client well-being; e.g. reduction of pain and suffering and even premature death as well as other health related issues from the high level of anxiety and stress. Users commonly report an increased sense of safety and hopefulness.

Our team has been personally touched.

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