There are many different Government Departments with varying risk profiles some more than others.

The team at GPS Geo Guard have worked with the majority of Govt. Departments, and understand there varying requirements, to deploy a tailor-made GPS Geo Guard solution to help mitigate risk.

Government deploy mobile workforce offering an array of services in all sectors including Local Councils with several high risk business departments such as  Local Law, Parking Ranger, Animal Control, Community Housing, Department of Health, Hospital based or Community HACC, HITC, Psychology/Mental Health Workers, Social Services Infrastructure, Aged Care, just to name a few.

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Main risks in Government Departments

The Government department workers face two main risk profiles:

Personal Alarms Australia

Social Risk

Being that of work place violence and aggressive behavior; physical or verbal assault

Personal Medical Alarms

Physical Risk

Slip/trip/fall/person down or incapacity, unconsciousness, accident or incident, or even a medical situation


Implementing the GPS Geo Guard Personal Safety Solution not only can deliver safety benefits to the front-line government department workers, but also help department managers and the wider organisation deliver genuine value to the employer in terms of safety, quicker emergency response, and increasing staff moral knowing they have something just in case.


Liaising with people

Lone Worker Alarm System

Mobile community-based mobile work force

Multiple Location

Working in multiple locations

Best Personal Emergency Alarm

Emergency after hours work

Personal Alarms Australia

Risk of terrorism

Best Safety Duress App

Lone wolf attacks of retaliation when wearing Govt. identification

GPS Geo Guard have been working with all sectors of Government to help mitigate risk and design solutions to enhance existing safety protocols for many years.

Utilising the GPS Geo Guard and 24-Hour Emergency Red Alert or Man Down/Incapacity Alarm triage and monitoring with event escalation management through to First Responder Dispatch and total communications to the individual business unit emergency contacts gives only the best outcome in any incident.

No amount of safety planning, safety policies or procedures will ever be enough to mitigate risk in an unexpected social risk (physical or verbal assault) or environmental risk (such as slip/trip/fall, accident, incident or a medical situation), but when seconds count, we are only one quick touch away from instant help  in any critical situation whenever and where your staff may be.

You may know the risk profile, your client, or the work environment, but we can never know what might be at that environment when we arrive.

Commonwealth Risk Management Policy

The Commonwealth Risk Management Policy defines risk as ‘the effect of uncertainty on objectives’ and risk management as the ‘coordinated activities to direct and control an organisation with regard to risk’. The goal of the Commonwealth Policy is to embed risk management as part of the culture of Commonwealth entities where the shared understanding of risk leads to well informed decision making.


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