GPS Geo Guard Device

GPS Geo Guard Wearable Assistive Technology

The Next Generation and the Global Bench Mark in lone or high risk worker security protection and personal safety monitoring.

GPS Geo Guard has just got better with many key differentiating contributing factors, features and benefits that separate GPS Geo Guard from all other products or solutions in the world.

Our Advanced team of engineers and R&D professional at GPS Geo Guard are always one step ahead in technology to put you miles in front of any competition.  Add value to your already existing professional company by adding GPS Geo Guard to your list of products and services to offer your customers, clients or employees the most effective solution to mitigate risk, giving your organisation the competitive edge.
Personal Emergency Alarm

GPS Geo Guard, the lone worker monitoring, security, emergency communications and safety device, offering person/man down fall detection, SOS Alarm with live and recorded audio, and many more features. The GPS Geo Guard personal emergency duress device is the most reliable, most discrete and easy to use solution available today, contributing to the highest level of protection and duty of care that your company and clients or employees require to comply with Government Legislation in many countries.

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  •  Improve customer service
  •  Increase worker’s safety, security and morale
  •  Decrease company liability and litigation
  •  Enhance business continuity
  •  Satisfy duty of care
  •  Enhance speed of response
  •  Assist emergency services with no false alarms
  •  Ultra-discrete
  •  Develop and enhance quality of care
  •  Maximum comfort and peace of mind
  •  Body worn Wearable Smart Technology
  • Create digital audit trail
  •  Manage staff accountability
  •  Maximise ROI (Return on Investment)
  •  Increase prosecution with audio-recording
  •  Unparalleled technology features
  •  Mitigate manage risk and incidents
  •  Simple functionality
  •  100% police recognised verification
  •  Visual and audio evidence
  •  More features and benefits
Best Personal Emergency Alarm


  • Light and compact – attachable to a keyring, belt, lanyard or watch.
  • Dimensions – 61mm*44mm*16mm
  • Weight – 35g
  • Up to 72hr battery life – with low battery warning and rechargable backup battery
  • Waterproof IPX7
  • 2-way communication to control room operator – to our own Grade A1 Monitoring Station
  • Geo fencing – prevent staff from taking the device home
  • Zero motion alarm
  • Once alerted, conversations recorded for added safety
  • Works Australia-wide
  • Built in vibration and motion sensor
  • LED illuminated display on docking station
  • Man down / fall detection
  • Charging docking station
  • Battery life lasts 2 days
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth Accessories – Wristband with SOS capabilities – 30m range – 1 year battery life (available soon)
  • Audio confirmation – When successfully connected to the charging docking station & when an SOS alert is sent (available soon)

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