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24-hour monitoring

Our Specialised Emergency Communications Monitoring and Dispatch Center with professionally trained operators, can offer the highest level of protection and assurance for workers and individuals alike.


Our personal emergency duress device is the most reliable, most discrete and easy to use solution available today; contributing to the highest level of protection and duty of care that your company, clients or employees require to comply with Government Legislation in many countries.


Offering person/man down fall detection, SOS Duress Alarm with live and recorded audio and many more features to track, manage, mitigate, secure and respond.

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Working alone carries physical risk to staff and financial risk to a business. GPS Geo Guard Lone Worker Protection Solution not only contributes towards an employers’ moral, ethical and legal duty of care, but also offers the ultimate peace of mind to the individual lone worker or high risk worker and business continuity.



GPS Geo Guard solution is the first line of assistance should a high risk and lone worker require it – either through their safety being compromised, or if they simply require monitoring for a period of time because of a perceived risk.

We do not sell products. We implement, monitor and manage the most trusted solutions with the most experienced 24-hour emergency monitoring and dispatch. Find out why everyone is choosing GPS Geo Guard with the most trusted support as their partner for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) risk mitigation partner.

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Every year, 260 Australians die as a result of work-related injuries. In addition, over 135,000 get injured. Safe Work Month is during October each year in Australia. GPS Geo Guard are working with thousands of organisations improving work health and safety.

The most trusted lone worker and high risk worker solution the GPS GEO Guard man down, GPS tracking and employee monitoring personal duress safety alarm when used as part your Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to mitigate risk and get you the quickest response in a real time situation.

As a company, we are marking safety and quality less reactive and more proactive.

*Work-related injury fatalities by state/territory, 2017

Protect your business most valuable asset – Your People

Boost staffs’ moral and efficiency, reduce your costs and increase productivity!

Lone worker monitoring, security, safety and emergency communications with GPS Geo Guard, the leading lone, isolated, high risk worker or individual’s safety device. Offering person/man down fall detection (incapacity), SOS alarm with live and recorded 1-way or 2-way audio and many more features. The GPS Geo Guard personal emergency duress device is the most reliable, more discrete and easier to use solution available today, contributing to the highest level of protection and duty of care that your company and clients or employees require to comply with Government Legislation in many countries.

You only need the most reliable and trusted personal emergency device and dedicated 24-hour Emergency Monitoring and Dispatch Service – WHEN YOU DO!

Social risk – arises through a worker’s role being community-based working in the field out side of the office – interacting with the general public or clients or conducting home visits for a variety of reasons in different business environments. Working Alone or lone workers. The outcome of this can be verbal abuse, or physical assault and something far worse.

Environmental risk – is prevalent due to a lone worker carrying out a work activity in an isolated or hazardous location. occupational risks (such as slips, trips, falls, electrocution, accident, incidents and near miss) The most likely outcome in the event of a problem is injury or incapacity (‘Man Down’) to the lone worker – either due to a slip, trip or fall – or an unknown health issue.

Personal risk – personal well-being risks, including health issues caused by being in stressful situations or simply a natural cause like medical conditions, such as vertigo, heart attack, stroke, hypertension (high blood pressure), osteoarthritis, hyperlipidaemia (high cholesterol), depression, anxiety and or any other medical situation causing distress.

GPS Geo Guard understand that not one solution fits all business requirements or work environments or the varying risk profiles. That’s why GPS Geo Guard is the leading and most trusted Personalised Integrated Solutions Provider to offer you the only holistic dynamic personal safety risk solutions to meet your individual requirements, giving only the best results enhancing your business continuity and efficiency by giving total lone worker, Isolated worker and high risk worker risk mitigation, and at the same time offering better staff morale with peace of mind knowing they have something just in case of an accident or incident.

Lone/high risk workers

GPS Geo Guard helps many companies increase their workers morale and confidence at the same time as offering the bench mark in lone and high risk workers’ total safety and security.

Lone worker policy

Employers of people who work alone, are geographically isolated, or have the potential to be alone when working late or travelling on the job, must take reasonable steps to minimise associated risk lone workers.

GPS Geo Guard device

The only product, available today on the market globally, that has all of the features and benefits required for a total solution, to mitigate risk for any application or environment. All in the one Smart, Simple, and Secure device, offering the most advanced Quality of Care platform.

Working with GPS Geo Guard

Global innovative lone/high risk worker bench mark

Simple .  Smarter .  Safer & More Secure


We are a leading Emergency monitoring & Dispatch call centre and technology provider for lone worker, high risk worker and age care, quality of care. With dynamics changing around the world for personal security, safety or lone worker monitoring. We decided to become a channel partner of GPS Geo Guard, after 100s of hours of research we knew that this is the best product and systems we have found, incorporating a user friendly tracking, client device management portal, to give our company and resellers the best and most reliable solution to offer our clients.

Howard K. Stern

I’ve been happy with the services provided by GPS Geo Guard. We have over 20 resellers in 3 countries servicing over 22,000 clients into the lone and high risk worker industry. We wanted a company that could change and add new technology to adapt to our clients requests and requirements. With the Global coverage of GPS Geo Guard and there amazing R&D Team we are excited to work with them now and into the future with some of their new products that will be released very soon to offer our growing clients future proof solutions. THANK YOU!

Thomas More

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GPS Geo Guard being the best lone, isolated and high risk worker or individual man down duress alarm device solution, with evolving technology that surpasses anything available globally, will give your business the competitive edge and add value to your already existing professional business and services.

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