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A lone and high risk worker solution with all of our personalised support is not cheap but what value do you put on your life OR the lives of your employees.

Despite increasing safety awareness, there are still more than 30 000 serious injuries occurring in NSW workplaces every year. A large proportion of these injuries occur in white-collar environments.

Contrary to a common perception that compensation claims largely occur in physically labour-intensive workplaces it is estimated that 40% of claims have been made by employees in administration, professional services, sales, community work and management.

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Organisations in the highest risk group are those where management has not taken on board the company’s Work Health and Safety policy, or have not included and consulted everyone in the company.

Lone Worker Alarm System

Heavy Workloads and High Stress levels

Work-related stress is rampant in Ausralian workplaces. It can lead to physical symptoms such as headaches and fatigue, psychological symptoms such as anxiety, sleep loss, mood swings and depression.

Bullying and Harassment

While managers are often seen as the main perpetrators of workplace bullying this behaviour is also occurring between employees, contractors and external suppliers.

Lone Worker Alarm Device
Lone Worker Safety Solution

Clutter and Trip Hazards

Boxes, plants, bags on floor or courier delivery placed in an access area can present trip and collision risks especially if people have to navigate around workplace items should also have predetermined storage locations when they are not being used.

Blocked Access to Emergency Equipment

This is an important area of Safety in the office. Are bookshelves or other furniture blocking access to fire exits, sprinkler heads, fire hoses or fire hydrants? In the event of an emergency this can obstruct the efficiency or use of fire safety equipment.
Fire safety equipment should have one-metre-clear zones marked by signage and workplaces should have regular safety inspections and see that there is preventative maintenance in place for essential services.

Duress Alarm System
Lone Worker Alarm Device

Non Adjustable Desks, Chairs and Monitors

According to recent research it is estimated that lower back pain accounts for one-third of all work-related disability. While it may be costly to implement ergonomic equipment for staff members it is far more costly and disruptive to the running of a business if employees are on compensation claims, not to speak of the emotional and physical pain.

Extreme Workplace Temperature

Complaints relating to temperature are common. Heat and cold stress can impact worker’s health. This could lead to sickness and loss of productivity. Ideally, as a rule of thumb, room temperature to aim at all year round is between 21 to 24 degrees (but consult with the people working in the office)

Lone Worker Safety Device
Lone Worker Safety Devices

An Employer’s Lack of Commitment to Safety

When workers aren’t educated about potential workplace hazards, risks and good safety practices, incidents and accidents are more likely to occur.

Workplace Safety is non-negotiable, no matter what industry you are in.

Good Safety is Good for Business.

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