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In Australia, deaths from slips and falls are five times more prevalent than deaths due to a fire – Instantly Get Help with GPS Geo Guard Anywhere - Anytime.

The Severity of injuries and potential death is increased due to the time it takes to get Help.

When Seconds Count the GPS Geo Guard Pro Duress Alarm and personal Emergency Device uses Exclusive Propriety algorithms and technology to Detect a man down or person down incident (zero false alarms), fall event or accident, and create an alarm which links to the emergency monitoring room in seconds, so the operators can comfort the wearer, ascertain critical information, even if unconscious or incapacitated, inform others that may be close by, dispatch First Responders, advise your business or loved ones, whilst continuing to evaluate the incident and be there for the person in the incident as their first line of help in Seconds.

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Slips, trips, and falls are the second leading cause of workplace injuries, accounting for over 20% of all injuries. Every worker has an Environmental Risk profile that includes slip, trip, fall, accident, or person/man down incident. The GPS Geo Guard will give your staff and employees the extra level of protection they deserve in any working environment & also help to meet your duty of care.

Most of us have experienced a slip, trip, or even a fall at one time or another. Most times we do not sustain an injury, but the potential is very high. The potential for a slip, trip, or fall to occur is always present at our sites due to the nature of the work performed. For every 10,000 workers, 31 have injuries due to slips and falls.

Falls are Australia’s largest contributor to hospitalised injuries and a leading cause of injury deaths. In 2018–19, 43% of hospitalised injuries and 39% of injury deaths were due to falls.

Falls can happen to anyone at any location but falls requiring hospitalisation are more common in older people and are most likely to occur in the home.