Man Down Duress Alarms

If one of your risk profile includes slip, trip, fall or person/man down, the GPS Geo Guard will give your staff and employees the extra level of protection they deserve.

Through the GPS Geo Guard research and development team, they have found some critical information in regards to man down or person down incidents accidents and deaths. Most of us have experienced a slip, trip, or even a fall at one time or another. Most times we do not sustain an injury, but the potential is high. The potential for a slip, trip, or fall to occur is always present at our sites due to the nature of the work performed. For every 10,000 workers, 31 have injuries due to slips and falls.

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GPS Geo Guard Man Down Alarm is not only saving lives but giving workers the peace of mind that if something ever happens, the GPS Geo Guard will raise an instant alarm and open up a live voice call so the GPS Geo Guard approved monitoring room can summon the emergency service while keeping the lines of communication open to continue to comfort the wearer in an accident and serious man down situation.

This type of injury is responsible for 20% of all occupational injuries. Falls kill approximately 12,000 people a year in the USA, with 1500 of them occurring at work. That makes them the biggest cause of accidental after traffic accidents. Falling on stairs is responsible for approximately 33,000 people disabled each year. Many more individuals sustain lesser injuries such as, strains, sprains and fractures.
OSHA has numerous regulations designed to reduce slips, trips, and falls. These include ladder design, guarding of open areas, clean floors, and general housekeeping for passageways. All of these issues can result in a citation due to the potential for an injury to occur. These hazards can be prevented in a few easy steps when employees are aware that a hazard exists.

There are a number of common causes of slips, trips, and falls. Some of these are:

  • Unsafe ladders
  • Unsafe stairs
  • Obstruction in walkways or on stairs
  • Slippery or uneven surfaces
  • Improper shoes
  • Moving to fast
  • Poor lighting
  • Being tired or distracted
  • Work Place Violence

Source:  Labour Works USA  OSHA

Two-Way and Recorded Audio

Live One or Two-Way voice and audio – In the event of a Red Alert Alarm, including Person/Man Down alarm, the GPS Geo Guard will give a GPS location and then open up a Live Voice call, where the highly trained GPS Geo Guard approved Emergency Dispatch Centre Monitoring Room operators will listen to any situation and respond accordingly. All GPS Geo Guard devices can be personally designed with the specific emergency procedure and escalation process that your company prefers for each wearer of the device or group of devices.

In a person or man down incident the live two-way audio is a matter of life or death. If you do not get help in a serious accident or medical situation the patient will start to suffer from shock. With the live two-way audio, GPS Geo Guard approved monitoring room or emergency dispatch centre staff will have the ability to talk to the wearer and comfort them instantly until emergency services are in attendance or work colleagues, family members or other assistance is with the device wearer.

Recorded Voice/Audio – The voice is also recorded for later evidence and prosecution or information in an occupational health and safety incident. In the event of a Red Alert the voice channel can be left open until the Alarm is cancelled or up to 3 hours after the incident. This voice recording is encrypted and can only be accessed by the account holder for later evidence and a prosecution.

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