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In Australia, deaths from slips and falls are five times more prevalent than deaths due to a fire. The severity of injuries and potential death is increased due to the time it takes to get help. Save lives with a man down duress alarm system today!

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When a fall event or accident happens, the GPS Geo Guard Man Down Duress Alarm Device uses exclusive propriety algorithms and technology to detect a man down or person down incident with zero false alarms. It will create an alarm which links to the emergency monitoring centre in seconds. The operators will comfort the wearer and ascertain critical information such as if they are unconscious or incapacitated to inform others that may be close by, dispatch the First Responders and advise your business or loved ones, whilst continuing to evaluate the emergency situation and be there for the person in the incident as their first line of help.

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Duress Alarms: How A Man Down Device Can Save Lives

Slips, trips, and falls are the second leading cause of workplace injuries, accounting for over 20% of all injuries. Every worker has an Environmental Risk profile that includes slip, trip, fall, accident, or person/man down incident. The GPS Geo Guard will give your staff and employees the extra level of protection and peace of mind they deserve in any high-risk environments & also help to meet your duty of care.

Most of us have experienced a slip, trip, or even a fall at one time or another. Most times we do not sustain an injury, but the potential is very high. The potential for a slip, trip, or fall to occur at a physically demanding worksite is very high due to the nature of the work performed. For every 10,000 workers, 31 have injuries due to slips and falls.

Falls are Australia’s largest contributor to hospitalised injuries and a leading cause of injury deaths. In 2018–19, 43% of hospitalised injuries and 39% of injury deaths were due to falls.

Frequently Asked Questions

GPS Geo Guard operates in three simple steps:

Immediate Alarm Reception: Our 24/7 Emergency Care staff promptly receives your alarm signal.

Alert Callback: We call back through your Geo Guard Alert device to establish contact.

Comprehensive Support: Our team provides reassurance, coordinates emergency services dispatch, and communicates with your emergency contacts or family, ensuring your comfort until help arrives.

Yes, we provide complimentary quotes after discussing your safety requirements via phone, email, video, or in person. We assess workforce safety gaps, potential business impacts of incidents, and suitable solutions.
Our founder and CEO, Mr. Gavin Hoult, pioneered personal duress alarms in Australia over 15 years ago. He has been supplying duress alarms, including Dead Man switches, Under Counter, and Single Button Press alarms, connected to alarm systems for over 33 years. GPS Geo Guard, operating under its current company name since 2015, serves thousands of business clients across various industries and numerous individual clients.

Your data’s security and privacy are paramount to us. We employ the highest security measures, including:
End-to-End Military-Grade Encryption: Our exclusive data encryption standards match those used by major banks, federal and state government law enforcement, and the military. We’re the sole provider with this level of encryption.

IRAP Compliance: Dekko Gov has successfully completed an IRAP assessment at the PROTECTED level, aligning with the Information Security Manual released in December 2021.


Claims Testing: Independent testing by Enex TestLab verifies the security claims we make about the Dekko platform. The full claims testing report is available upon request.

Hosting Compliance: Our infrastructure, hosted on Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud in Sydney, meets IRAP-PROTECTED standards with triple data centre redundancy for reliability.

Your data’s confidentiality is our priority, and we take every measure to safeguard it.

You have the flexibility to make these changes easily through our Support. We’ll provide you with this link, and it’s straightforward to use. Just click the link, fill in the necessary details, and submit. Your changes will be implemented on the same day. For urgent changes, you can contact our support team at 0730495421 after submitting the updates.

Yes, certainly. Please get in touch with us for details on quantity-based discounts.


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