Mobile Front Line Workforce Management

Mobile Front Line Workforce Management

GPS Geo Guard is the Global Leader in Mobile Front Line Workforce Management for lone, isolated or high risk worker field staffs’ safety solutions. We recognise our responsibilities to work towards eliminating accidents and incidents, personal attack, and physical and verbal abuse with total employee management.

Utilising the GPS Geo Guard to mitigate your clients risk and incidents can not only save your organisation thousands of dollars in litigation, but increase a company’s profits through Mobile Front Line Workforce Management (MFWM), providing 100% business and staff management continuity, total staff safety and accountability and increasing business profits through Electronic Employee efficiency.

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The GPS Geo Guard Front Line Workforce Management (MFWM) personal safety solution, encompassing a fully managed service for your lone, isolated and high risk workers and individual personnel. Lone working affects staff at every level of an organisation and as such solutions, GPS Geo Guard provide a bespoke and simple way to educate, safeguard and involve the lone workers/individuals and other internal/external stakeholders, such as the police.

GPS Geo Guard giving your business the leading edge and total safety for your Mobile Front Line Field Workforce via analytical data.


  • Integrated resource planning, scheduling, dispatch, mobile, and business analytics
  • Cost-based optimisation that accurately reflects all key business priorities
  • Assignments made according to specific job types, priorities, and resource capabilities
  • Create work Groups and secure log in
  • Vital safety information, mapping with digital audit trail
  • Detailed street-level mapping and routing – Bread crumb tracking
  • Automatic rescheduling based on planned changes and real-time status updates
  • Secure Cloud, Client branded Portal, and hybrid models
  • Speed alerts and reporting
  • GEO Fencing and rules and alerts
  • NFC Tagging
  • Device critical data, low battery/network coverage/usage & more


  • Reduces operating costs while improving asset life and customer satisfaction
  • Increases on-time responses, wrench time, and job completions
  • GEO Fencing with rules and alerts for restricted areas or black spots in network
  • Total digital audit trail
  • Reduces travel distance, vehicle emissions, and missed appointments
  • Improves productivity and decreases crew hours and overhead
  • Incorporates training, work administration, and performance monitoring
  • Provides deployment options to reduce IT complexity, cost, and risk
  • NFC Tagging
  • Bespoke Analytical digital reports

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