Non Removable Dementia Tracking

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Dementia or wondering persons

Now our loved ones can go on living in their own environment and the surroundings they know, understand, recognize, with memories they love and care about. Our loved ones like to take a walk, go to the shops or exercise a pet. This doesn’t and should not change when a person is diagnosed with dementia. However, due to the impact of cognitive impairment, a person with dementia or wandering people may become disorientated sometimes, forget the way home or try to head to a location other than was first intended.

For many wandering people with dementia, the freedom, autonomy and choice of taking a walk is an important right that maintains their emotional and psychological wellbeing.

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The Geo Guard non removable assistive technology device, Medical alarms with full Continuous GPS Tracking, Geo fencing alerts, Example: You can set a geo fence around the house or around the block including places where your loved ones would normally walk to like the shop and set a perimeter alarm if they continue outside of this zone. Including Fall alarm, 2 way audio OR 2 Way voice to you or GEO Guard professional friendly 24 Specialised Care operator’s and SOS Red alert duress alarm function with the most simple easy to use operation. Available to help minimise the risk of becoming lost for people living with dementia, Empowering you and your loved ones to go on living a normal life in their own environment and the quality of life we all deserve.


Our vision is to increase the longevity and quality of life through, wearable technology and cumulative meta data-analysis Via IoT and big data deep learning with connected health, intern giving greater opportunity for health organisation/GPS/Pharmaceutical Organisations to offer only the best care for their clients.


With AvitaLink IoT big data Deep Learning to analyze live and historical micro meta data to forecast potential ailments through key indicators, send bespoke live reports to hospital, GP’s, and pharmacy.