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Many device suppliers only have one thing in mind – their business profit.

GPS Geo Guard and AvitaLink are not some massive corporation run by rotating boards of directors with one goal: more profits and cheaper productions costs. Fact is, we’re pretty much the direct opposite in every way possible. We are a family company which has spent the last decade implementing dynamic risk solutions to corporations large and small as well as to the elderly and to domestic violence victims. These facts tend to make us look at things differently than the big guys do.

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When considering a personal emergency alarm or man down incapacity alarm for your staff or family, don’t choose the cheapest thing you can find. Instead, invest in QUALITY and RELIABILITY. Lives depend on your decision.

We couldn’t build and market a personal emergency alarm solution we wouldn’t be confident sending our own loved ones out with – and we don’t expect you to risk your staff or family either.

Our one mission has always been to protect the world from the ravages of social risk, environmental risk and person risk… One family at a time, one work place at a time, one relationship at a time. To the best of our ability. Period.

That’s why we don’t build our GPS Geo Guard or AvitaLink personal safety alarms to meet the minimum standards or to compete on price. While most companies design and build their alarms to meet those minimums, “good enough” has just never been good enough around here. Not for us, not for the families and business but more importantly the lives we serve.

Time is the number one killer in any incident or personal safety situation.

Do you want something that might work or something that will work?

We do not simply sell products. We implement, monitor and manage the most trusted solutions with the most experienced 24-hour emergency monitoring and dispatch.

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With GPS Geo Guard and our subsidiary companies (AvitaLink, Kids Safety Watch, SHE OHS Software) with professional support services and client integrated platforms, we are the only company that can offer you a personalised end to end service for lone/isolated/high risk worker, senior care, family and domestic violence.

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