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Our History

Our team of management and directors with a combined knowledge bank of over 150 years in the wearable assistive technology industry have been working alongside lone, isolated, high-risk worker, family and domestic violence (prevention, victims and perpetrator tracking), child safety and assistive wearable technology for seniors and aged care industry in multiple countries. We are proud to say we are the pioneers in this industry with many exclusive propriety technologies now and many more on our road map to continue to offer our existing and new clients better improvements, more advanced technology to cater for continual changing micro and macro risk profiles and company interoperability and data mashing requirements.

Our CEO alone has over 15 years experience in personal safety duress alarms, IoT Applications for many industries and brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience with diverse technology, firmware, AI and IoT Algorithms and is always ready to serve new and existing clients to create a total holistic solution with interoperability to future proof your investment, create better performance continuity with efficiency intern increasing profits.

Other solutions we provide

Total Health Eco System and Wearable Tech

Healthcare management

This is the most important application for smart wearable, could be used for hospital, nursing home, medical center or disease researching. The main application will be:

• Telemedicine & Digital healthcare
• Remote patient monitoring;
• Chronic disease management like Stroke, Parkinson, Dementia, Diabetes etc;
• Home care for seniors;
• Medical alert

We provide very high accuracy smart wearable to get data that will be sent to the app or cloud platform for doctors or caregiver to help patients or people to improve their life and better treatment with most advanced technology and more convenient way.

heart rate

High-Precision Heart Rate

blood-pressure copy

Blood Pressure and Oxygen Saturation


Body Temperature



Personal Alarms Australia

Fatigue Monitoring

Lone Worker Security Monitoring

Stress Test

Social Distance Wearable Technology

In the angle of arrival (AoA) method, the device to which direction is being determined, such as a tag in an RTLS solution, transmits a special direction-finding signal using a single antenna.

Smart Factory

Smart wearable device already start to widely used for big factory or company, this is improve productivity and quicker communication

Smart Warehouse and Logistic

This is for warehouse management, we will build up 4G or Bluetooth network for warehouse. The main functions are:

• Healthcare for workers;
• Navigation guide to find the stock;
• UWB & AOA location mix together to use
• Easy to find stock

Real Time Location Tracking

We have different way for location tracking, based on different application we will recommend the most suitable technology:

• Beacon

Smart Campus

The range including kindergarten, primary school, middle school and university. We have product range for students and teachers also could provide the cloud platform to do complete smart campus management. The main functions are:

• Location tracking in campus;
• Attendance at school;
• On/off school bus;
• Security of students;
• Healthcare monitoring like heart rate, sleeping, body temperature ect;

Through our extensive partnerships with all Government sectors, large and small businesses, corporates, community based organisations, NGOs, domestic violence and individuals that just want the most reliable, proven solution for their loved ones with varying dynamic risk profiles and ever evolving micro and macro risk; along with our specialists solutions team to identify gaps in their team’s safety protocols, and then entrust us to develop new and future proof solutions to ensure everyone safety wellbeing is number one.

We have been only able to achieve the most trusted, most reliable title by listening to thousands of individuals and businesses of all sizes, who we protect and entrust the team at GPS Geo Guard to protect, manage, communicate, respond and rescue.

We continue to be a socially responsible company and privileged to be able to give back to the and support the community in family and domestic violence and other areas.

We serve our clients and respond as we would our own family – because they are!

When seconds count you can only count on GPS Geo Guard



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