Investing in Your Safety Culture and Solutions

GPS Geo Guard help hundreds of business out in serious situations and incidents, but we want to congratulate you for being proactive and taking the time to investigate the best solution before a situation occurs.

Working alone carries physical risk to staff and financial risk to a business

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Trustworthy Solutions for Lone Worker Protection

Investing in lone worker protection does more than keep your assets safe. It signals to your team that you care about their well-being, thereby improving workplace safety and satisfaction; something that can cut down on employee turnover. If you’re looking to develop lone worker protection strategies for your enterprise, consider how an experienced partner can help.

Smart AI Learning Solutions

With many new advancements in machine learning, AI-Enabled Lone Worker Personal Safety Systems are able to perform differently in different work environments, increasing efficiency, business continuity and profitability. GPS Geo Guard Exclusive Proprietary Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning can allow customisation to an individual’s unique characteristics and movements allowing for more impressively accurate detection of potential threats and possible risk. When it comes to offering only the best protection for lone workers, isolated or high risk workers  and domestic violence at risk people to mitigate all risk factors.

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