Employee Monitoring

Device and risk mitigation solutions aside, GPS Geo Guard and our Central Monitoring Station (CMS) is a specialised lone, isolated, high risk worker and domestic and family violence, ASIAL Grade A1, 24-hour Emergency Monitoring and Dispatch System.

GPS Geo Guard Safety Alarms and Lone Worker Solutions Team understand, although many organisations have implemented some kind of internal safety monitoring system for their employees and staff (depending on the individual business working environment, risk assessment and employee roles), the vast majority of systems in use today are somewhat antiquated and very reactive after a work place safety accident or incident.

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These older business WHS systems fail to leverage today’s advances in technology to discover and respond to an incident proactively and – as a result – waste time, waste money and typically result in the accidental discovery that an incident, accident, near miss or every serious situation has occurred or find out far to late.

GPS Geo Guard harness the very best Emergency Duress Alarm for lone and high risk worker, incapacity, medical alert, domestic and family violence with monitoring technology in our Central Monitoring Station (CMS) to support our GPS Geo Guard lone worker solutions, giving comprehensive support to clients all over Australia.

Our professional Emergency Monitoring and Dispatch Control Room operators have undergone and continue to have exclusive specialised training for:

  • Family Violence – the 5 key factors of aggression; what to listen to in a potential homicide.
  • Aggression in Tone of Voice
  • Dealing with Violent Communications.
  • OHS Accident – Incident  slip-trip-fall, medical incident and trauma training
  • Direct Links with Police Link and an Alpha code for the quickest response from Police and Emergency Services

GPS Geo Guard in conjunction with GPS Geo Guard Central Monitoring Station (CMS) Emergency Communications and Dispatch Control Room can offer the highest level of protection and assurance for workers and individuals alike, and at the same time offering the most personalised and trusted one-on-one communications, ensuring our valued clients that they are never alone with a 100% proven reliable device and total monitoring solution, accompanied by add on services available including Mobile Frontline Workforce Management (MFWM) software.

  • The  GPS Geo Guard 24-Hour Monitoring includes any amount of alarms, status checks, device vital signs, amber alerts internal location recordings, low battery signals, check in/out – onsite-offsite multi-function button operation, GPS locations, and the highest grading Grade A1 24-hour alarm monitoring and support, monitoring of live and/or recorded audio for evidence in a court of law, Triage of Alarm situation ascertaining critical information and determining the level of threat in a personal physical verbal assault or work place violence situation.
  • Incapacity or Person/Man Down, occupational safety work place incident or accident, emergency services dispatch and all recorded communications between the GPS Geo Guard and Wearer, Emergency Services and your management. There is a golden minute in medical situations. If you do not get help in the first minute, you start to suffer from shock. GPS Geo Guard Central Monitoring highly trained professionals and will comfort your staff instantly via the 2-way audio. The Emergency Monitoring cost includes the SIM card costs as the GPS Geo Guard has its own SIM card in the device for total communications to the user and emergency services and your after hours contacts.

So, when you see the small cost of the monitoring including all the above and SIM card costs it’s a very viable services charge compared to a mobile phone plan for a life saving device 24-hours per day.

With proven reliability, do you want something that might work the day of a serious incident or something that will work?

We do not simply sell products. We implement, monitor and manage the most trusted solutions with the most experienced 24-hour emergency dispatch and Central Monitoring Station (CMS). Find out why everyone is choosing GPS Geo Guard as their partner for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) risk mitigation for peace of mind in work place safety.

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GPS Geo Guard is the Next Generation and the Global Bench Mark in lone, isolated and high risk worker Security Protection and Personal Safety Monitoring.

Time is the number one killer in lone worker incidents.

If you’re a lone, isolated or high-risk worker, time is paramount. Now you are connected instantly with GPS Geo Guard and AvitaLink.

Our advanced team of engineers and R&D professional are always one step ahead in technology, offering your employees’ the most effective solution to mitigate risk, giving your organisation the best duty of care solution.

Lone Worker Monitoring, Security, Safety and Emergency Communications with GPS Geo Guard and AvitaLink, the leading and most trusted lone, isolated and high risk worker or individual’s safety device, offering person/man down fall detection (incapacity), SOS alarm with live and recorded 1-way or 2-way audio, and many more features. The GPS Geo Guard Personal Emergency Duress device is the most reliable, more discrete and easier to use solution available today, contributing to the highest level of protection and duty of care that your company and clients or employees require to comply with Government Legislation in many countries.

GPS Geo Guard with automated safety and our 24-hour Emergency Monitoring is emerging as a not only a best practice, but also a legal, moral and ethical duty of care – a process that uses person-worn devices to convey a worker’s safety status in real time to others to provide instant and active safety awareness via GPS Geo Guard Emergency Monitoring. The benefits of such a system are clear: reduced yearly expenses, reduced wasted time in responding to a real time incident, improved emergency response times, reduced insurance costs, and improved outcomes for individuals through a prompt, location-based response and reduced cost of public resources and wasting these resources times.

With a GPS Geo Guard total business worker safety solution, greater efficiencies are achieved in safety monitoring by automating the time-intensive processes that traditionally have been performed as part of a monitoring plan. GPS Geo Guard solutions replace functions such as phone-in check-ins and emergency phone calls with instant and GPS-enabled alerting, eliminating a significant amount of wasted time per day, as well as reducing the lead time between an emergency notification and an appropriate response. The old Dead Man Switch that works on a time setting (if someone does not call in at a set time, the monitoring room will call the person), is now a thing of the past. Safety alerts and check-ins can be delivered through instant notification via SMS text message and email to our GPS Geo Guard monitoring personnel, either within the organisation or externally. Additionally, The GPS Geo Guard central monitoring station can be integrated into monitoring workflows through direct server-to-server connections, centralising monitoring responsibility with a 24/7 staffed facility.

Safety monitoring solutions automatically transmit a safety alert when an employee becomes incapacitated or otherwise unable to request help manually using the monitoring device. Such automation often comes in two forms:

  • Fall detection that determines when an employee has fallen using accelerometers and gyroscopes.
  • Man-down auto alerting that causes the device to automatically trigger an alarm when a total lack of motion is detected for a configurable period of time. Automation ensures any injured employee will receive aid promptly through a pinpoint response rather than waiting for an alarm to sound at the next missed check-in perhaps one or two hours later.

Automated safety monitoring is easy to implement, making it an ideal successor to current methods. These GPS Geo Guard solutions are designed to facilitate rapid adoption by management and employees alike and include an option for central monitoring of emergency alerts to reduce the internal burden of monitoring upon current personnel.